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About Us

Who We Are

The concept of Bara Homes was birthed forty years ago by my late mother, Marie Denise Belfort Henry. She was a teacher, grad student, wife, and a full-time mom when she decided to begin acquiring properties to create her real estate portfolio. In twenty years, she expanded to residential and retail spaces in New Jersey, Georgia, Florida, and Haiti.

In 2016 Maritza created Bara Homes in conjunction with her mother’s portfolio, Maritza created an urban redevelopment company that focuses on promoting homeownership and revitalizing communities. The name of the company comes from the Hebrew word, bara ex nihilo, meaning to create from nothing.

Under the new management, Bara Homes now encompasses my mother’s vision alongside new businesses such as: residential remodeling, urban redevelopment, consulting services and government contracting. In 2021 after a long battle with cancer, my mother passed away at the age of seventy-six.

Bara Homes’ focuses on transforming spaces through urban redevelopment. We create homes that honor our community, as well as equipping all clients with the skillsets to be better homeowners.

We value service, integrity, harmony, uniqueness, and innovation.

Our Team

martiza bara homes group new jersey

Maritza Guillaume Émile


Edwin barahomes

Edwin Émile

Chief Operating Officer

Rhea barahomes group

Rhéa Guillaume Roussel

Project Manager

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Emmanuel M. Henry

Sustainable Development Manager

Onéçia Green

Project Director

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Marie Denise Belfort-Henry

Board Member